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Technical & Safety Audits

It’s a well-known fact that the elevators would be maintained at their best standards only if the customer is alert and conscious. The timely factual assessment and advice of your consultant or a ‘Report Card’ can help you to enforce PPM (Programmed Preventive Maintenance) by your existing AMC agency to enhance the existing maintenance standards of your elevator systems thereby drastically improving upon the Up-time of the elevators and bringing down the down time; a value addition. In other words – check the value you get in return for what you pay to your AMC agency. This might further help the customers to perhaps renegotiate the AMC schemes and/or AMC rates with the respective Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or the agency who apparently would be maintaining your elevators.
Modernization or Total Replacement of existing elevators or
Provision of new elevators in an old building or Bungalows or Pent-houses.

It becomes the most critical activity to up-grade or modernize the elevators especially when the building is fully occupied and/or if it is with the only elevator to serve.

No matter what the current agency or various agencies propose for up-gradation or Modernization, there is always a scope for further Value additions in the Specifications & scope of work as the activity is intensively of a mix and match type. The experience of the elevator consultant would help you to plan and execute the Up-gradation project with a water tight Program.

It requires a very deep study of the existing building or bungalow or a pent house premises and its surroundings for exploring the possibilities of first identifying the most suitable space and then creating the one to install a new lift or lifts or work out the best possible solution in the best available space. We would support you in the entire process for the most appropriate solution for you.
New Elevators & Escalators for the new building Projects

It is always better that we work in close association with your building Architects for the purpose of designing of the total Vertical Transportation System when the project is at the 'Drawing Board Stage'; we being the elevator expert could add a lot of value.

The elevator consultant would be a very handy resource not only for the scientific evaluation and comparison of all available options in a right perspective but also for negotiating a realistic prices for you; a true value addition. Once again our Industry experience would help you for effective monitoring and tracking of the delivery and completions. A consultant is your ‘internal check’ to pre-empt and minimize the extent of delays, to ensure The Quality in the product and for a defect free handover of newly installed Elevators & Escalators.

Car Parking System solutions

We would work very closely with your Principal Architect and Consulting Structural Engineers to rightfully incorporate the system requirements right from inception stage (Municipal Plans, approval etc.), during the building construction period and till final handover of the systems.
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