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We are the professionally competent Consulting Engineers to provide you the best insights in to your Vertical Transportation needs. Our Aim is to support you with our end to end Consulting Facilities right from Conceptualization to the realization of virtual realities.


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We would work very closely with your Architects to assist to design the Total Vertical Transportation System including designing the right Capacity, Speed and Number of Elevators & Escalators for your new Building Project. The real value addition of our experience is in the monitoring of the Total project right up to the Safe and defect free Handover of the elevators & escalators.



Our expert Consulting Services would help you in assessing and raising the Performance Maintenance Standards of your existing Elevators & Escalators. Our Technical Audits would help you in the evaluation of the estimates of Modernization/ Repairs work of your elevators & escalators. These audits would also support you in assessing the Product Handover Quality of the newly installed elevators & escalators.



“Our Industry experience would help your organization to study your existing processes, identify the areas of improvement and support you to constantly enhance the quality of your deliverable”.



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